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Wet Drill training

Wet Drill Training

Goal of the course:

Familiarize your personnel with the emergency equipment for water survival and for respective behaviour.


According to EASA-OPS

  • Life-vests:
  • Life-vests: Activating
  • Life Raft: How to release it from the airplane
  • Life Raft: How to activate it
  • Life Raft: How to set it up right
  • Life Raft: How to enter the life raft
  • Life Raft: Equipment in the life raft
  • Behaviour: Leaving the airplane
  • Behaviour: How to jump with a life-vest on
  • Behaviour: How to help the passengers into the life raft

Learned topics will be trained in a swimming pool

Location of the course:

At each desired location

Course duration:

2 hours including practical training or 3 hours including the life raft

  • The training will be given in English
  • Training equipment will be discussed
  • Practical training will be supervised by a certified lifegurad
  • Validity: 3 years
  • Group size: minimum 8 and maximum 15 persons
Participations requirements:
  • Participants should be able to swim
  • Practical drills will be done in normal clothing
Price information:
  • Digital certificate of participation
  • The renting costs of a swimming pool are not included.