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First Aid (recurrent)

First Aid Training (recurrent)

Goal of the course:
  • To reiterate the basics of life-saving skills and techniques tuned to your particular situation.
  • After taking this course the participant is able to assess situations and act in the following instances:
  • Rescue activities
  • To assess if a rescue is potentially unsafe
  • Resuscitation
  • Life-threatening situations


According to EASA-OPS

  • Act in a life-threatening situation
  • Moving an injured person
  • To evacuate employees and other people in an emergency situation
  • Showing a film that completely matches the subjects and needs relevant to your organization

  • Resuscitation as defined by Dutch “heart foundation”
  • Transportation of injured persons
  • Perform basic life-saving actions by using a lotus (simulated) victim
  • Hands-on training tuned to your needs

Location of the course:

At each desired location

Duration of the course:
6 hours

  • The training will be givin in English
  • Validity: 1 year
  • Group size: minimum 8 and maximum 12 persons
Participation requirements:

First Aid incl. CPR Initial Course

Price includes:
  • Used dressing material
  • Costs of professional lotus victim
  • Digital certificate of participation