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Fire Drill training

Fire Drill Training

Goal of the course:

The objective of this Fire Drill course is to provide the candidates with the knowledge of fire fighting and fire extinguishing on board of an aircraft.


According to EASA-OPS Part 1

  • Fire triangle
  • Fire classification
  • Explanation of the different fire extinguishers
  • Fire prevention
  • Smoke development
  • Danger of smoke and fumes
  • Explanation of the smoke hood
  • How to locatie, approach and fight a fire


Locate and fight a fire in the overhead rack, galley and waste bin

The mobile training unit can be filled with smoke. Loss of electricity can be simulated

Location of the course:

At each desired location

Course duration:

4 hours including practical training

  • Training will be given in English
  • Validity: 3 years
  • Group size: minimum 8 and maximum 12 persons
Price includes:                    
  • Usage of fire extinguishers
  • Usage of smoke hoods
  • Digital certificate of participation